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Waterfowl Hunting Trips

South Texas Fish & Fowl duck and goose hunts are conducted in Lissie, Tx which is about 45min to an hour from Houston depending on where you're coming from.  Please specify when booking your hunt if you want to duck or goose hunt.  We routinely kill geese while duck hunting as well as ducks while goose hunting. 


We harvest Pintail, Teal, Gadwall, Widgeon, Shovelers, an occasional Mallard and an assortment of other ducks along with Snow, Blue, Whitefront, and Canada Geese. 


We hunt a variety of different types of ponds, from flooded rice fields to flooded fallow fields with natural vegetation that the ducks flock to.  The ponds are scouted daily and never over hunted to assure you the best hunt possible. 


When it comes to geese we'll hunt them anywhere they want to be.  These hunts take place over large spreads of decoys and you're normally laying amongst the decoys in white coats to blend in with the decoys. 



What’s included in your hunting trip:

  • Professional Guide with trained retriever
  • Large decoys spreads
  • Transportation to the pond


What you need to bring:

  • Waders, camo hat and clothing
  • Hunting license with Federal waterfowl stamp
  • Shotgun with steel shot shells
  • Icechest to transport your game home


All waterfowl hunts are a 4 man minimum, more than 4 is fine.



Early Season Teal Hunt: $175 per man


Morning Duck: $200 per man


Morning Goose Hunt: $225 per man



Lodging and bird cleaning are available at an extra cost. 


Contact us to schedule your hunting trip today.



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